We pay great attention to provide safety. Your personal data and funds are reliably protected.

todobank complies with the International Standard for Data Security in the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS), which is a requirement of the payment systems Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover Card and JCB.

Professional staff and secure processes
Our employees have extensive experience in the field of payment cards and with various business processes, systems and technologies that provide customers with security guarantees.

Fraud monitoring department
The Payment Card Fraud Department is developing and implementing comprehensive procedures for the prevention of fraudulent transactions, as well as automatic detection and prevention of payment card fraud.

Built-in security features
Caring for the client by providing various security settings: in the application, you can instantly block the card, change the limits for operations, reset the PIN to enter the application, and also remove the device from the trusted list.

Payment confirmation with a one-time code
3-D Secure technology: an additional authentication factor is used to confirm payments on the Internet - a one-time code.

Secure Login
Fingerprint, Touch ID and Face ID technology support for data encryption and secure login.